EXCLUSIVE: There are lessons to be learned when frontrunners tell their tale from implementing AI technologies in their organizations. NorwAI has gathered some of the most foremost professionals to present their views.

At our ‘Tutorial Special’ they will share their thoughts from entering new technological territory and offer advice  from this extraordinary panel on risks, triumphs, impact and investments in their inside reports from their labs.



Endre Sjovold2.jpg
Endre Sjøvold
Cognite_portretter0818_219045 (1) (1).jpg
Geir Engdahl
CTO and Co-founder
Karl Aksel Festø.png
Karl Aksel Festø
Head of CoE Advanced Analytics
Kenth Engø Monsen.jfif
Kenth Engø Monsen
Senior Data Scientist
Odd Erik Gundersen.jpg
Odd Erik Gundersen
Chief AI Officer
Theodor Holsmsen_edited.jpg
Theodor L. Holmsen

Through the NorwAI workpackage “AI Innovation Ecosystems” NorwAI Innovate offers this "tutorial special" with focus on maturity models and the experiences made by some of the most important Norwegian industrial companies implementing their AI strategies. 


The tutorial will also present interesting findings from the recent master thesis “Understanding Organizations’ Adoption of AI Technologies: Challenges, Opportunities and Impact” by Theodore Holmsen, a thesis that thoroughly analyzes experiences from AI-adopting organizations.  

For his master’s thesis Theodore Holmsen interviewed main Norwegian players pioneering this endeavour.


By tradition artificial intelligence evokes myths more associated with threats than the possibilities technology brings to the table. AI experts are perceived speaking a foreign language when communicating to their organization, and most managers lack sufficient understanding of data driven business-models. The master thesis looked beyond these myths and responded to real challenges from practice.  


This tutorial brings new narratives to leaders and developers who wants to play a role when organizations are supported by self-learning technologies.   


The tutorial "Towards AI-Driven Organizations" will have a limited number of available places on a first come, first served basis, and it is offered at an extra charge. For registration, use the registration button on the top of the page.

Please note: The tutorial will be held mainly in Norwegian

21st October 2021
Radisson Blu Royal Garden Hotel


Introduction and practical information: Endre Sjøvold, professor at IØT, NTNU

Shared experiences from the industry


Cognite: Geir Engdalh, Co-founder and CTO​


DNB: Karl Aksel Festø, Head of CoE Advanced Analytics


Coffee break


Telenor Research: Kenth Engø Monsen, Senior Data Scientist


TrønderEnergi: Odd Erik Gundersen, Chief AI Officer


Group work and discussions lead by Endre Sjøvold



Understanding Organizations’ Adoption of AI Technologies: Challenges, Opportunities and Impact. Theodor L. Holmsen, MSc


Summary and concluding remarks by Endre Sjøvold


After the tutorial the participants are invited to Dokkhuset for the joint final session of the conference, with a presentation by Professor Edvard Moser, followed by a lunch.



Endre Sjovold2.jpg

Endre Sjøvold, Tutorial leader

Endre Sjøvold (M. Sc., Ph.D.) is a professor at IØT, NTNU where he has been since 2001. He started his career as an IT consultant, but worked for twenty years with the transformation of larger companies as a consultant. In this work, he saw early on how important team collaboration was for success and today he leads a project to develop systems based on AI and sensor technology to measure team interaction. In NorwAI, Sjøvold leads work package 9, AI Innovation Eco-systems.

Cognite_portretter0818_219045 (1) (1).jpg

Geir Engdahl, Cognite

Geir is CTO and co-founder at Cognite, the leading industrial DataOps company. Geir was the founder and CEO/CTO at Snapsale, a machine learning classifieds startup that was acquired by Schibsted. Prior to this, he worked three years as senior software engineer at Google in Canada, where he worked on machine learning for AdWords and AdSense, resulting in the Conversion Optimizer product. Geir has an MSc in computational science from the University of Oslo, and has won a silver medal from the International Olympiad in Informatics.

Karl Aksel Festø.png

Karl Aksel Festø, DNB

Karl Aksel Festø is head of DNBs Centre of Excellency for Advanced Analytics. The role requires extensive contact with DNBs business units, tech families and support functions to mature DNB using data and advanced techniques in its processes. The role implies product ownership for key technical capabilities for analytics and data. Karl Aksel holds a MSc in economics from University of Oslo and have 15 years of experience from various roles in DNB. Last 8 years as manager with responsibilities in analytics and customer insight. Part of his role is to represent DNB externally in various external boards in academia. He is chairman of the board in the BigInsight SFI, board member in the NorwAI SFI and participant in Norwegian Open AI Lab Executive Board.

Kenth Engø Monsen.jfif

Kenth Engø Monsen, Telenor Research

Kenth Engø-Monsen, PhD, is Fellow of Telenor Research, where he works as a senior research and data scientist. He is currently leading Telenor Group’s initiative on big data for social good. With 20 years of experience in telecom, Dr. Engø-Monsen has extensive knowledge in the field of telecom data, social network analysis, and applied research using mobile data.

Odd Erik Gundersen.jpg

Odd Erik Gundersen, TrønderEnergi 

Odd Erik Gundersen (PhD, Norwegian University of Science and Technology) is the Chief AI Officer at the renewable energy company TrønderEnergi AS and is an adjunct associ- ate professor at the Department of Computer Science at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology. Gundersen has applied AI in the industry, mostly for startups, since 2006. Currently, he is investigating how AI can be made reproducible, applied in the renewable energy sector and for driver training.

Theodor Holsmsen_edited.jpg

Theodor Holmsen

Theodor Holmsen (M.Sc., Norwegian University of Science and Technology) recently graduated from NTNU with a master in computer science, and is currently working as software developer at TietoEVRY. His work in the field of AI has primarily emphasized research on adoption, utilization, and the organizational properties of AI. The research has led to the discovery of new knowledge, models, and research possibilities.