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October 31st

Conference lunch
Hotel Restaurant

Opening session 

Main stage
Conference welcome
Jon Atle Gulla, Professor NTNU & Director NorwAI
Keynote Speach: Taking AI out of the lab
Remi Eriksen, Group president and CEO, DNV
LLM work of the national library
Per Egil Kummervold, National Library of Norway
Towards Factual and Trustworthy Large-Language Models
Fredrik Heintz, Professor, Head of Division, Head of Unit, Linköping University 
Coffee break & Refreshments
Mingle Area
Coffee break
Mingle Area
NorwAI update- what has been happening in NorwAI? Research contributions from NorwAI
Kerstin Bach, Professor NTNU and Research Director NorwAI
Poster and demo pitches
The accepted posters and demos to be presented in 1 minute pitches
Enabling entrepreneurship and venture creation at the ETH AI Center
Viviana Gropengiesser, Director Entrepreneurship, ETH AI Center, Zürich
Responsible Norwegian Language Models
Jon Espen Ingvaldsen, Associate Professor, NorwAI GPT Team
Anti-money laundering via federated learning between banks
Johan Östman, Research scientist, AI Sweden
New Tech is good money
Yngvar Ugland, EVP and  Division Director DNB NewTechLab 
Coffee break
Mingle Area
Data and AI in the Norwegian police
Claes Lyth Walsø, Director Knowledge at The Police IT Unit
Conference Opening: AI musical introduction from the project: "Co-creative spaces"
Notto Johannes Windju Thelle, Head of Section, Oslo Metropolitan University
Main stage

session 2: Recent developments in large language models

Chair: Özlem Özgöbek, Associate Professor, NTNU
LLMs - What, why and the future of it
Main stage

session 3: Innovation Excellence

Chair: Arne Jørgen Berre, Chief Scientist, SINTEF, Innovation director NorwAI
Innovation partners' use cases 
Main stage

session 4: ResearcH-driven innovation

Chair: Jon Atle GullaProfessor NTNU & Director NorwAI
Research at NorwAI and beyond
Demo, poster exhibitions and aperitif
Mingle Area


Buffet in the hotel restaurant

13:00 onwards

Demo- and poster exhibition in mingle area

November 1st

Main stage

session 5: Reflection, creativity and talents in AI  

Chair:  Özlem Özgöbek, Associate Professor, NTNU
NorwAI Innovate wrap-up
Jon Atle Gulla, Professor and Director NorwAI, NTNU
Poster & demo award ceremony
Kerstin Bach
Coffee break & Refreshments
Mingle Area
Using AI legally – today and when the AI acts arrive
Christian Bendiksen, Head of Technology, Brækhus Advokatfirma DA
AI Regulation: The state of play
Tore Tennøe, Director, The Norwegian Board of Technology
Coffee break
Mingle Area
A New Class of Marine Robots: from Nature, through University, into Industry
Kristin Y. Pettersen, Professor, Department of Engineering Cybernetics, NTNU
Title TBA
Gunn Karin Gjul, State secretary , Ministry of Local Government and Regional Development
Panel discussion on laws and regulations
Creatively breaking models: A perspective from the arts
Notto Johannes Windju Thelle, Head of Section, Oslo Metropolitan University
AI & I: A Personal Perspective on the Field 
Keith Downing, Professor, Department of Computer Science, NTNU
On Intelligence, on Artistic AI and AI Talent Awards  
Main stage

session 7: From Academia to Industry

Chair: Rolf D. Svendsen, Communications Manager NorwAI, NTNU
The Conference Punchline
Bringing innovation to industry - a success story
Main stage

session 6: Trustworthy AI

Chair: Andreas Hafver, Professor, DNV, Team Leader – Emerging Technologies, Group Research & Development
Will regulators heed the call for AI regulations, or do we already have laws in place? What does the EU say and what are the government plans?
Frontrunner Schibsted on language models
Simen Eide, Head of Schibsted AI Enablement Program, Schibsted
Exit lunch
Hotel restaurant
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