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November 1st

Conference Opening
Kristoffer Lo, musician
Conference welcome
Jon Atle Gulla, Professor NTNU & Director NorwAI
Sven Størmer Thaulow, Chief Data & Technology Officer & EVP Schibsted

Main keynote speaker: Digitalisation – a key requisite for the green shift
Language models and NLP for the detection of fake news and conspiracy theories 

13:00 onwards

Demo- and poster exhibition in mingle area

What should I wear? Personalized outfit recommendations
Language Technology and Personalization
Chair: Helge Langseth, Professor,  NorwAI, NTNU
How to reduce cold start issues in recommender systems
Refreshments and coffee break
Mingle area
Coffee break
Mingle area
Conference lunch
Hotel Restaurant
Main stage

session 3: Network excellence and internet impact 

Automation, surveillance society and an open conversation 
Chair: Jon Espen Ingvaldsen, Adjunct Associate Professor, NorwAI, NTNU
Transformation of text, audio and video
16:50 -17:05
Mingle area
NorwAI Achievements - two years into the SFI journey 
Arne Jørgen Berre, Chief Scientist, SINTEF and Innovation director NorwAI
Poster & demo presentation
The accepted posters and demos present their work in one minute pitches
Mingle area
Demo posters exhibitions and aperitif
Presentations of pioneering AI Student and drinks work in a relaxed atmosphere before the conference dinner. 
Poster session, students available at their posters
Main stage

Session 2: research excellence


Opening session 

Main stage
Meet the people fighting surveillance 
Main stage

session 4: SFI Excellence and talent pitching

NorwAI at work and the poster/demo talent pitching
Chair:  Nhien Nguyen, Associate Professor, NorwAI, NTNU

PARTY EXCELLENCE   Conference dinner

Buffet in the hotel restaurant

November 2nd

session 5: Hackathon and poster/demo awards

Talents to present their work and award cenremonies
Chairs: Kerstin Bach, Professor,  NorwAI, NTNU & Johan Dahl, Head of Data Science, Cognite 
Hackathon pitches
Four shortlisted hackathon teams present their work
Main stage
Hackathon award ceremony
Aneo - a new player in the Nordic green energy market
Poster and demo award ceremony
Solving the industrial data problem
Johan Dahl, Head of Data Science, Cognite
Mingle area
Refreshments and coffee break
Main stage

session 6: industry Excellence

Presenting industry innovations in the energy sector 
Chair: Research manager Signe Reimer-Sørensen, SINTEF Digital  
Coffee break
Mingle area
Main stage

Session 7: Nordic Excellence

Competition or collaboration in the Nordics
Chair: Rolf Dyrnes Svendsen, Communication Manager, NorwAI
Leading the way on applied AI in Sweden 
Finns at the top of AI in the Nordics
NorwAI Innovate wrap-up
Jon Atle Gulla, Professor NTNU & Director NorwAI
Panel discussion: The Nordic AI Theatre, Competition or Collaboration.
Moderator: Simen Eide, Data Scientist, Schibsted
Aize - making heavy assets feel lighter
Boris Mocialov and Eirik Thorp Eythorsson, Data Scientists, Aize
Exit lunch
Hotel restaurant
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