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Posters and demos

We invited master students and PhD students to submit abstracts for the poster/demo session and exhibition at NorwAI Innovate, which will take place before the banquet on October 20th. The best poster/demo will be awarded a prize of NOK 10 000!


We have welcomed contributions from all areas of AI and Big Data and submissions was assessed by the demo/poster committee, based on thematic relevance to the conference. There will be a best poster/demo award. 

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Accepted posters

Using Language Models for Classifying the Party Affiliation of Political Texts

Tu My Doan, Benjamin Kille and Jon Atle Gulla


LIACI - Lifecycle Inspection, Analysis and Condition Information System

Joseph Hirsch, Brian Elvesæter, Alexandre Cardaillac, Bernhard Bauer, Maryna Waszak, Frode Rødølen, and Marthin Ludvigsen

Sintef Digital, Sintef Digital, NTNU, University of Augsburg, VUVI AS, SINTEF Digital

Reducing Energy Consumption of Pressure Sensor Calibration Using Polynomial HyperNetworks with Fourier Features

Muhammad Sarmad, Mishal Fatima and Jawad Tayyub

NTNU, Endress + Hauser, Endress + Hauser

SelfPAB: Self-supervised Physical Activity Representation Learning Based on Accelerometer Data

Aleksej Logacjov, Sverre Herland, Astrid Ustad and Kerstin Bach


Explaining Black-Box Models Using a Multi-agent CBR System

Betül Bayrak, Paola Marin Veites and Kerstin Bach


Explaining Deep Neural Networks for Point Clouds using Gradient-based Visualisations

Jawad Tayyub, Muhammad Sarmad and Nicolas Schönborn

Endress + Hauser, NTNU, Endress + Hauser

Accurate Detection of Weld Seams for Laser Welding in Real-World Manufacturing

Rabia Ali, Muhammad Sarmad, Jawad Tayyub and Alexander Vogel

Endress + Hauser, NTNU, Endress + Hauser, Endress + Hauser

Real-time Human Motion Capture for Clinical Multi-Modal Brain-Computer-Interfaces

Emanuel Alexander Lorenz and Xiaomeng Su


Diversifying Top-k Point-of-Interest Queries via Collective Social Reach

Stella Maropaki, Sean Chester, Christos Doulkeridis and Kjetil Nørvåg

NTNU, University of Victoria, University of Piraeus, NTNU

Dashboard and Data Pipeline for Academic Network

Erik Johan Nystad, Dumitru Roman, Francisco Martin-Recuerda, and Maryna Waszak


Accepted demos

Machine Learning Powered Digital Twin in Virtual Reality

Elias Elfarri and Adil Rasheed


DeepPrivacy: A Framework for Realistic Image Anonymization

Håkon Hukkelås, Frank Lindseth and Rudolf Mester


Chat with your factory: A Knowledge Graph Based Conversational AI Agent

An Ngoc Lam, Timo Peter, Marita Bjaaland Skjuve and Maryna Waszak

SINTEF Digital

Spread your Wisdom — Cross-Asset Pattern Matching for Digital Twins through Knowledge Graphs and Similarity Measures

Timo Peter, An Ngoc Lam, Bernhard Bauer and Maryna Waszak

University of Augsburg, SINTEF Digital, University of Augsburg, SINTEF Digital

Comparing explanations from DNN-generated wine score predictions with expert opinions

Patrik Hammersborg, Andreas von Brandis, Inga Strümke


Kaia - The social robot

Håkon Bygdås Høyset, Marte Eggen, Alexander Michael Ås


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