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Norwegian industrial and academic AI frontrunner NorwAI invites the tech community to the follow-up of last year’s successful conference this autumn. The state-of-the art NorwAI Innovate will update you on innovation research, industrial excellence, information sharing and cross business collaboration by the help of internationally renowned keynotes, panels and matchmaking possibilities on AI and innovation.   


NorwAI Innovate will present research results from some of the strongest AI communities nationally and internationally.
NorwAI Innovate offers a rare opportunity to meet, get to know and gain knowledge with the largest and most important AI environment in Norway for industry professionals, innovation leaders, academics and the next generation of AI programmers.


NorwAI Innovate presents a vibrant showroom for new ideas and highlights next generation work and relations: hackathon with the best data brains NTNU can provide, demo posters from groundbraking student projects and a demo project showroom.


NorwAI Innovate collaborates with other frontrunning AI environments in the Nordics and bring news from these at the Trondheim event. 

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