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Norwegian Research Center for AI Innovation presents



Norwegian Research Center for AI Innovation presents



31 October -1 November 2023 

Norway's most influential event on AI

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2022 Headliners

Martin Svensson - AI the Swedish way – Sweden's AI innovation program to accelerate the use of AI
Martin Svensson is Co-director Operations AI Sweden.
From his office in Gothenburg, Martin Svensson has build a network across Sweden with nine regional AI lighthouses serving 120 companies, institutions and organizations to speed up AI innovations in our neighboring country. He is eager to expand the international network, recently opened an office in Montreal, Canada and is looking for cooperation across borders, for instance with Norway.  
NorwAI Innovate will give insight in both academic and industry work in AI in Sweden. 

Ana Peleteiro Ramallo - What should I wear? Personalized outfit recommendations
One of Zalando’s main goals is to become the starting point for fashion inspiration and support customers in their fashion discovery journey. One way this is achieved is by providing editorial content consisting of creators showcasing fresh and trendy outfit ideas as well as presenting algorithmically generated outfits to style items customers have purchased, viewed or wishlisted. In this talk I will present how we personalize the outfit experiences throughout the customer journey, and how this personalization is one of the main drivers of engagement and customer retention. 
Hilde Tonne  - Digitalisation – a key requisite for the green shift 
As CEO and President of Statnett - The Norwegian Transmission System Operator (TSO) for electricity - Hilde Tonne plays an important role in the ongoing energy challenges in Europe. 
Electricity and energy is in our daily news as winter is approaching and the war in Ucrain is still unfolding on european soil.  
Hilde Tonne will give a perspective on the importance of digitalisation for the future supplies which will depend heavily on a sucsessful transition to greener energies. 

Fiona Coath, Thoughtworks - Meet the people fighting surveillance capitalism 
Her passion for social justice and equality keeps inspiring her to investigate the relationships between technology and society. Recently she is exploring the role that the technology industry plays in shaping our perceptions of the world and how this enables them to alter the political landscape. How do we protect privacy from power and profit, Fiona asks. 
Francisca Hoyer - GPT SW-3, developing large-scale language models for the Swedish language.
Francisca Hoyer, Ph.D, Strategic Program Manager NLU @AI Sweden.
Francisca heads the Swedish national project for establishing a GPT-3 language model - we will look into the Scandinavian race for national language models and present NorwAI' own work to build a giga Norwegian language model. 
Paolo Rosso - Language models and natural language processing for the detection of fake news and conspiracy theories.
Paolo Rosso, Professor and Head of the Natural Language Engineering (NLE) Lab at the Technical University of Valencia.
NorwAI Innovate will do a deep dive into NLP at this conference.
Paolo Rosso's research interests are focused on social media data analysis, mainly on fake news and hate speech detection, author profiling, and sarcasm detection to mention a few. 
Hiroto Nakajima - AI in media - text, audio and video 
Hiroto Nakajima is Chief Scientist of Nikkei Inc., the largest economic media group in Japan where he heads Nikkei Innovation Lab.
Nikkei AI News transfer text to both audio and video by avatars and pionered the use of robots in television news. 
Hiroto Nakajima leads many R&D projects of Nikkei Innovation Lab, among them Nikkei AR, which is a content augmentation for articles and advertisements on newspapers.
Kjersti Løken Stavrum - An open conversation
The CEO of Tinius Trust, the main owner of the Schibsted Group, this summer presented the governmental report on Freedom of Expression. She chaired the Commission. The report analysises of the way the internet now provides the fundamental infrastructure for the exercising of freedom of expression and informatio, providing a democratisation of the actual freedom, but also a maasive commercial and poltical development has occurred. In recent years, the degree of online freedom has declined, the report says.  

Day 2

Talent Excellence
First, four hackathon teams shortlisted by the jury, will pitch their prototypes for the industrial challenge presented to them by NorwAI partner Cognite. The winners will be awarded the prize of NOK 20 000. 
Thereafter, the award ceremony for  for the best poster/demo will take place. All contributions are pitched on Day 1.

Industrial Excellence
Energy is all over the news these days. Aneo, the new renewable company established by TrønderEnergi and Hitechvision, aims to take a significant position in green energy production, electrification and energy efficiency. CEO Ståle Gjersvold will outline Aneo’s vision for its Nordic ambitions, and CAIO Odd Erik Gundersen will reveal how AI contributed to TrønderEnergi’s success in the energy transition. 

Norwegian unicorn Cognite aims at solving the industrial data problem for large industrial asset operators. They deal with the synthesis of multiple data sources like operational, engineering, conventional and visual data, often represented in silos. Johan Dahl, head of Data Science at Cognite, will guide you to the Cognite solution of the industrial data maze. 

Using the Cognite platform, Aize develops applications to heavy industries to help data-driven decisions. Architects, data engineers, customer engineers and domain knowledge from the energy sector, help Aize to refine the accessibility of data. CEO Jarle Skrebergene will tell how the two-year-old company will affect industries beyond petroleum and change the way we explore and utilize renewables.

Nordic Excellence
The digitalized Nordic countries look to AI to push new frontiers. What is the status for the countries, what are their strongest assets and do they compete or collaborate?

Martin Svensson of AI Sweden has worked for three years to accelerate the use of AI in Sweden, joined by more than 120 companies and institutions.

Bjørn Taale Sandberg, long term research director at Telenor, is now Chief Strategy Officer of the Finn telecom DNA. His observations from our neighbor in the east will tell you why Finland often is referred to at the top AI country in the Nordics.

NorwAI partner Schibsted main operations in the Nordics are in Sweden and Norway. Sven Størmer Thaulow, Chief Data and Technology Officer/EVP at Schibsted knows the Nordic AI territories from the inside.

Hackathon competition organized by NorwAI partner Cognite. Awards! Go to invitation.
The hackathon will take place three days before the  conference, giving you an opportunity to follow the conference itself after putting your best efforts into the competition. 

Norwegian industrial and academic AI frontrunner NorwAI invites the tech community NorwAI Innovate Conference 2022. The state-of-the art NorwAI Innovate will update you on innovation research, and industrial excellence, by the help of internationally renowned keynotes, panels and matchmaking possibilities on AI and innovation.   



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